E-Solutions - Winter 2017

Please find a LINK below to the latest WINTER edition of Manulife's E-SOLUT!ONS magazine on Retirement Planning topics.

This Winter Season's edition features the following articles:

A) Broaden your investment horizons - Take advantage of the benefits of strategic, active asset allocation - Page 9

B) The money-health link - How finances can affect both your physical and emotional health - Page 12

C) Blended finances for blended families - Merging households can be financially complicated - Page 17

D) Role reversal - How to manage costs when caring for aging parents - Page 21

E) Buy or rent? - A common question in today's real estate market - Page 27

F) Pension income splitting vs spousal RRSPs- Determining when each tax strategy works best - Page 32

If you would like a paper version of this magazine, just let us know.

If you would like to talk about any of these topics, please call or e-mail.

Please share this e-mail with others who could also benefit from this information.

Please share this with others who could also benefit from this information.

View the Winter 2017 edition of Solut!ons ONCE THERE SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK ON 'OPEN an ACCESSIBLE VERSION'

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