E-Solutions Fall 2014

I encourage you to review the latest FALL edition of Manulife's E-SOLUT!ONS magazine on Retirement Planning topics.

This Season's edition features the following articles:

  1. Commitment and Compromise - Achieve your retirement goals- page 9

  1. Cents and Sensibility - Five sensible strategies to help you stop overspending - page 12

  1. How Many Paycheques are you from Retirement? - Create a plan that will help you accumulate enough wealth to give you sustainable income for life - page 15

  1. Get Your Money Working at Peak Performances - Five things you can do to manage your money and maximize your savings - page 18

  1. Open a World of Opportunities by Investing Around the Globe - Benefits of Diversification - page 20

  1. Take Care of Tomorrow, Today - A look at Long-Term Care Insurance - page 23

  1. Talking About Money - Talking to parents - page 2

  2. Tax Corner - The importance of the adjusted cost base (ABC) for good tax planning - page 30

  3. Small Business - Retirement plans aren't just for big business - page 32

  4. Talking About Money - Talking to parents - page 25

  5. Small Business - The benefits of an up-to-date business plan and Pooled Registered Pension Plans - page 34


View the Fall 2014 edition of Solut!ons

If you would like a paper version of this magazine or would like to talk about any of these topics, please call or email.

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