E-Solut!ons Spring 2014

Please find a link below to the latest SPRING edition of Manulife's E-SOLUT!ONS magazine on Retirement Planning topics. There are a number of interesting topics to review, including:

  • Home Sweet First Home - Buying your first home - page 7

  • Over 50% of Canadians Are Doing It. Are You? - Contributing to a Tax-Free Savings Account - page 11

  • Reach Beyond: Go Global - The potential of global markets and the benefit of diversification - page 14

  • Will You? - The importance of having a will - page 18

  • Taking a Break? - Planning ahead so that you are financially secure during a leave from work - page 21

  • Paying Tax on Investment Income - Taxation on your Non-Registered investments - page 34

Solutions from Manulife

View the Spring 2014 edition of Solut!ons

Please contact us to:
  • Receive a paper version of this magazine;

  • Talk about any of these topics; and or,

  • Receive a "Will Planning Workbook" or "Executor Duty Checklist"

Please feel free to share with others who could benefit from this information.

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