For Business Owners

As a business owner you need a practical approach to the following tax saving strategies.
Ask us about these financial solutions that will have a positive impact on the after tax earnings of your company, executives and employees.
Group RRSPs, TFSAs, and Pension Plans

Retirement plans for you and your employees to save money on a pre-tax basis.


An effective way to encourage employees to save for their retirement and a staff retention concept to reduce departures.


This is a critical element for any business serious about offering a full benefits package to their employees. 


Top-up Health Care, Medical, and LTD Coverage

Through this type of top-up plan (sometimes referred to as Health Care spending accounts)

you can increase after-tax compensation by paying premiums with pre-tax earnings.


You and your employees are financially better off. A win-win scenario. You can select which groups of employees or management are eligible.

Buy-sell Life Insurance


The value of your business is likely the largest asset you have. Partnerships should always have Life insurance to protect their business interests in the event of premature death. This should be done in concert with a formal Buy-Sell Agreement of the partners.


We can help get this critical coverage in place.

High Interest Short Term Savings Accounts


Make the most of your cash flow strategy by using special accounts that return more to your bottom line.


Fee For Service

Group and Retirement Planning sessions for your executive team or entire organization.


Golden Handcuff Solutions for Key Executives


A creative retention approach and attractive benefit for C-Level employees.

Retirement Health Care Option for Employees


Ask us about this attractive retention concept that's no cost to your company.


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